We have a full service probate practice that includes probate of estates, conservatorships, and guardianships.

Probate and Estate Administration

We approach probate and estate administration with care and compassion.  The legal and administrative procedures should not overshadow the celebration of the life of a loved one.  As such, we strive to guide our clients in a cost efficient and timely manner.  We represent administrators and executors in all aspects of probate and estate administration, including filing and preparing legal documents, advising as to administration duties, collecting and managing assets, dealing with creditors and debts, distributing assets, and closing the estate.  We also represent estate beneficiaries to protect their rights and interests in the estate. 


Probate conservatorships are court proceedings that determine the care and management of the person and/or estate of people that cannot care for themselves.  Conservatorships are costly, time consuming, and may lack flexibility as everything is subject to court supervision/approval.  Planning ahead is certainly advisable, especially with rising disability rates.  As a part of the firm's estate planning practice, we create plans that minimizes exposure to potential conservatorships, using a combination of living trusts, advanced health care directives, and/or durable powers of attorney for asset management. 

In the event that no proper planning is in place, we offer a wide range of conservatorship. 


Probate guardianships are court proceedings that appoint someone other than the parent to care for and manage minors and/or their estate.  Guardianships may arise when parent(s) are not available due to death, illness/incapacity, incarceration, military obligations overseas, immigration issues, etc.  Whatever the circumstance may be, the well being of the child is paramount.  We guide potential guardians through the legal proceedings to ensure minors have access to basic needs and have the proper support in place for their growth.  We also represent minors to protect their rights and interests.

Please contact us for a consultation regarding any of the services listed above.